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homesAt Association Collections Law Group, our system is a process. It has been shown that utilizing our system of aggressively collecting, monitoring and additional activities, over time, increases the amount of dues paid on time when billed, and enhances the Association’s ability to effectively and accurately budget for subsequent years. We have proven this effectiveness for other Associations.

We also assist Associations in monitoring judgments so that they do not lapse. At times, after consultation with an Association, we provide for the filing of Writs of Revival to revive judgments that may have lapsed, thus helping the Association prevent the loss of its priority with respect to its lien upon a property. Our law group has established contacts in other states to assist us in collections and enforcing judgments in other jurisdictions and/or states, as well.

Association Collections Law Group provides prompt, courteous, efficient collection and monitoring of Association debt and the security which secures the same. The services that we provide greatly exceed those of a collection agency. Because we are a law firm providing these services, we will work hand-in-hand with the Association’s attorney or legal representative in monitoring and reporting the developments in the law of collecting delinquent Association dues, and will interact with the Association’s legal representatives as much or as little as directed by the Association.